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I Smoked For The Better Part of 25 Years, A Pack To Two Packs A Day.

Karina White | July 19 2018

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I Smoked For The Better Part of 25 Years, A Pack To Two Packs A Day.

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I think my story is fairly common. Smoker comes vaping, smoker becomes vaper. I smoked for the better part of 25 years, a pack to 2 packs a day. I had a tight chest, always. Coughing up, who knows what, constantly. Not a time in my day, besides immediately after a shower, did I not smell like a burnt cigarette. Now, I knew that vaping would only help me slow down my smoking. I loved my cigarettes. I got my first, ready to go, set up on a Friday. I vowed to only vape over the weekend and revisit my cancer sticks Monday afternoon. Well, come Monday I try smoking again. The taste was horrendous!! 3 drags and it was out! 2 weeks later, I have no juice. Tried another cigarette...1 drag, into the butt bucket it went. I haven't looked back. My daughter was 11 years old when I started vaping. She stopped hugging me. She said that I smelled like a "smoldering ashtray". Thankfully she likes baked goods and fruits and the smells they bring. She started hugging me again... until junior high school. At least I got another year of hugs out of my baby girl! Learning of the very, very few chemicals that could be found in only some ejuices,I started out on a DIY mission to make my own juice, chemical free. That was about 2 years ago. I do miss skipping a day of juice making and purchasing some premium ejuice!! Anyways, after the major life changes of quitting cigarettes and alcohol, my life has become tremendously better. I will always vape and never return to the TAR SIDE.



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