I Promote Vaping Over Smoking



I Promote Vaping Over Smoking

quit smoking cigarettes

I have been a smoker for 20 years and never thought nothing could happen to me. But I was wrong. I had a mini stroke in my face and was told I needed to quit smoking.  

I wasn't ready to quit. I had tried the patches and other means to quit, but it wasn't working. Then my son said "Why don't you try vaping?" I asked him what is vaping, he told me that it is like smoking but with water vapor.

He told me it takes a few times, but it is a lot better for you. So I went and purchased a Aspire pen and actually enjoyed it. I was shocked. My first juice was Bird Brains from Cutwood and Mod fuel Javelin. That was 3 years ago and I am still going strong.

My taste has come back and I feel a lot better since I have started to Vape. I try to promote vaping over smoking to coworkers and friends. Some try and some don't. But what it has done for me has been wonderful. I just wish it would have come out sooner.

Thanks for your time.


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