I Have Not and Will Not Go Back To Smoking Cigarettes


I Have Not and Will Not Go Back To Smoking Cigarettes

I Have Not and Will Not Go Back To Smoking Cigarettes

I started smoking at the age of 13, I am now 30. When I started smoking I was young and dumb but like most cigarette smokers it became a habit. I live with PTSD, anxiety, and depression, it is something I struggle with as many do! I'd try to quit cold turkey but I'd pick up cigarettes again when I was stressed or feeling down.

My 3 kids have asked me to quit smoking a few times because its very unhealthy and they were learning how bad it is in school. This year I did my research on vaping, I googled all of the things people were concerned about such as wet lung, pneumonia, and popcorn lung to see what was fact and what was not. After reading up on some of the basics I went to one of our local shops to get my first mod.

I picked a smok v8 stick and a house juice and instantly started vaping. At first, it was a learning curve, I had to stop with mouth to lung hits and I coughed when I took a big hit because my lungs weren't used to the vapor. A week later I tried smoking a cigarette but my taste buds were used to the delicious e-liquid flavors and the cigarette tasted like I was licking an ashtray, so I put it out after 2 puffs and never went back!  

After a month I had more energy, my skin was clear, and I just felt better physically! I also got my fiance to quit smoking and start vaping so that we can live healthier and longer! I have been cigarette free for 3 months and 2 days! I have also lost weight since I started vaping, which is just another plus! Once you really start vaping your taste buds and sense of smell really kicks in, and you can smell and taste things that wouldn't have really noticed before when you smoked cigarettes.

We now have a collection of mods and juices, which is always expanding! I'll be sending my v8 stick to my mom so that she can quit the stinkies and I'm always trying to help people quit smoking cigarettes! Vaping has definitely changed my life in many ways, and I cannot think of one negative way. I've tried.


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