I Have Found Happiness, And I Want To Live As Long And As Healthy As I Can


I Have Found Happiness, And I Want To Live As Long And As Healthy As I Can

switching to vaping

How has vaping changed my life? The jury is still out on just how safe vaping is to the humans lungs and body. However, it is proven to be less harmful in studies when compared to analog cigarettes due to the lack of tar and combustible materials.

My father, who has smoked nearly his entire adulthood life, he’s 71 now, now relies on oxygen in order to breath. He lives with me and my fiancé and together we watch him slowly deteriorate. It scares me that one day that will be me and my fiancé would end up having to take care of me. I have found happiness in life, and for the first time in my entire life, I want to live as long as I can, and as healthy as I can.

I have tried Chantix and other various forms of smoking methods and failed miserably. The habit was too hard for me to break on a mental level. I am addicted to the nicotine as well has the metal habit of smoking. Vaping allows me to fulfill the mental habit of smoking, yet provided a safer non combustible method of delivering nicotine into my body.

My fiancé loves the fact that I no longer smoke, reek of smoke, or waste tons of money buying packs of cigarettes everyday. It’s over $10 a pack in many places where I live. That’s a lot of money being wasted and for what? What would I have to show for it? I am reminded everyday while my father is still with us as to what the results will be if I had continued down the path that he had taken.

I continue to work on breaking the habit in its entirety. It is super hard having him here living with us, and still smoking. The urge still remains and I find myself having a couple of analogs a week. I am super proud of myself, and continue to work on breaking free of analogs. Despite the few a week analogs, my taste buds have improved, breathing has improved which is noticeable durning hot humid weather, and I don’t have that analog smell after having a smoke.

I was able to get a co-work off the analogs and onto vaping. He has been completely smoke free for two years now. I feel off the bandwagon a few times in the past, but he got me back on track. It’s been over six months now since I even bought a pack of smokes. I am proud of what I have achieved through the means of vaping. Heck I even vape using 3mg nicotine levels with a subohm taking and now getting into the dripping aspects of vaping.

Words of encouragement to those who read my story, don’t give up, don’t give in. If you vape and smoke, keep at it, keep trying. I failed several times before I finally got to where I am now. Keep trying different flavors until you find the right one. Once you do, taper off the analogs and continue to try difference flavors because at some point you will get sick and tire of just one flavor. I did, and that’s how I fell off the bandwagon. Now I have over 20 different flavors that I like, but only a few that I really love.


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