I Don't Have To Smell Like A Cigarette


I Don't Have To Smell Like A Cigarette

I was 17 years old when I first started smoking cigarettes and mini cigars, I smoked cigarettes on and off for about 10 years as I’m 27 years old now. I tried everything from the nicotine patch which I quit for about a week or so and then went back to cigarettes. Then I ended up doing the same with nicotine gum I couldn’t get passed three days without having nicotine withdrawals. Vaping has changed my life for the better I have not touched a single cigarette in 7 months.

I’ve tried anything from a throw away ecig to a electronic device in the course of 5 years and I haven’t thought about going back to cigarettes. The smoke from the cigarettes made me get bronchitis and pneumonia every winter and I never got asthma as bad when I started smoking cigarettes, I only had it when I was at a young age under 7 years old but the smoke fumes made me get asthma again. I was a half a pack a day smoker and I’m finally happy that I quit smoking cigarettes and went to vaping for the better.

Also, vaping has changed my life because I don’t have to smell like a cigarette when going out, have to throw away cigarette butts, the 4,000 chemicals I would inhale in my body from one cigarette (I know there is a few chemicals in vape juice) but it’s not as bad as when inhaling a cigarette, knowing that one day I would end up with lung cancer, gum disease, etc. I decided to quit because It would better my health because I already had asthma as a kid and with cigarettes it made it worse. When I made the switch I have not gotten bronchitis nor pneumonia and my asthma has gone down by a lot, I don’t have to use my daily rescue inhaler or any other device.

When I started vaping I would be at a 24mg nicotine usage, over the course of a couple years id slowly go down to a 3mg, I would use pod systems whether it was the Juul or any other pod system devices and use 50mg nicotine juice. It’s been a long journey of being off cigarettes and trying to find my right nicotine level to use. Seeing as I used a pod system at 50 mg, I currently went back to vape juice in a tank and a mod system and now I’m at 12mg. I’m trying to go back down to a 3mg but i know it’ll take time and patience. I’m just so happy with myself that I overcame cigarettes and made the switch to vaping because it has and did change my life for the better and I’m never going back to cigarette smoking ever again.

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