Fighting For My 6 Year Old Daughter's Life


Hello Eightvape team!

My story is a bit, well life saving?? Even heart wrenching.... 7-11-17 is the day my beautiful daughter of 6 years old was life flighted and hospitalized for 6 days in children’s hospital in St. Louis. Major seizure occurred, the seizure lasted 4 hours.

She has had many complications and high body temperatures since (104-106). Divorce was in the mix and being a single dad was not the easiest thing to add to it all. Come feb-20-2018. I quit cigarettes cold turkey the day before I had divorce court!! I smoked cigarettes for 21 years.

I quit cause i found that the 2nd hand smoke is triggering my daughters fevers and could have something to do with the seizures. Since quitting my daughter has not had any more fevers!! I used to buy a carton of cigarettes for around $20 at dirt cheap, and that would last me about 12 days. I could not afford to vape.

I decided to check Google for a way to Vape without the large local store expense. I found! A way to afford a good chill (vape!)

Thank you so much Eightvape! I honestly couldn’t do this without you!!!!


Thank you again for helping me and most of all, My beautiful daughter.


  • Posted on by vapermega

    Good goin playin sympathy card, I’m sure people will eat it up!!

  • Posted on by EightVape

    completely agree that life is very precious and we always must go through precautions in living life ..its not a sprint but a marathon

  • Posted on by joseph thornburg

    Hey Bro Great Story but I am sorry u had to live through it?! I have a heartbreak story too but alittle different. The Love of my life and the mother of my oldest children, left me alone in this dark cold world alone on 1/14/2007, I was left to care for three children under the age of 4 by my self and working 70 hours a week at two almost full time jobs.! Needless to say when you fall asleep behind the wheel driving 80mph on I-70 in the rush hour trafiic from exhaustantion. I am not comparing me to you or anything like that just trying to let you know that life is so PRECIOUS and please don’t ever take it for GRANTED!! Peace and Luv To u and urs from Indiana!!!!

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