Because of Vaping, I Walked Away From a 20 Year Habit In Two Days



Because of Vaping, I Walked Away From a 20 Year Habit In Two Days

quit smoking cigarettes by switching to vaping

In May of 2017, our family was turned upside down. My 23 year old nephew had been working in Tennessee on the railroad and had been out for a drive and been in a motorcycle accident. For days, we weren’t sure he was going to make it. But slowly he started to respond to us. When he was able, he was transferred to The Shepherd Center in Atlanta, Georgia for rehabilitation because he had a traumatic brain injury.

They had to teach him to talk, walk, feed himself, etc. all over again. It was such an emotional time in our lives watching him go through all of this. The brain specialist at Shepherd told my sister and I that it would be very harmful for my nephew to smoke cigarettes or even be exposed to secondhand smoke because of the TBI. We were told that it could delay his progress greatly. That was the motivation I needed to get rid of the cigarettes.

We found a local brick and mortar shop and my sister and I both bought our first mods. The first full day that I started vaping, I smoked half of a cigarette and then I had to put it out because it tasted foul. Day two, I repeated the same. Half a cigarette and then was disgusted by the taste and smell. Since then I have been cigarette free.

I just hit the one year mark on July 10th and it feels great. Because of vaping, I was able to walk away from a 20 year habit in two days. Family always comes first and I am so fortunate to still have him in my life. He has made so much progress and continues to get healthier every day. Vaping allowed me to not put him in a situation where he was going to crave a cigarette because he was a smoker before his accident.


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