Back Then It Was Cool To Sneak A Smoke


This story begins when I was 13, almost 40 years ago. Back then it was cool to sneak a smoke, as no one knew or at least was telling about the long term effects that cigarettes would have. It started then with one or two occasionally, when the opportunity arose. Over the next 5 years one or two turned into packs. I was addicted to 1&1/2 packs by age 18. Several failed attempts to quit, as information on health impacts we're released, which were quickly foiled by the addiction factor. By my early 40's, I was feeling the impact of the tar, carbon and many other harmful chemicals weighing down my lungs.

I would wake up to a heavy cough until I got that first cig of the day down, ironically. Walking up steps had turned into a marathon effort. I wanted to put a end to this vicious cycle but flat out couldn't get past the initial thought of quitting. That killer habit changed in February 2010, when I first saw Blu "electronic cigarettes" on my stop to purchase a pack. I bought my introduction to vaping that day and have NEVER purchased a pack of smokes since. As the technology changed and improved I switched to a Innokin 18650 mod and Kanger tank combo by 2011.

Then I was vaping 24 mg nicotine and my lungs were already feeling better. No cough in morning and not feeling winded on hikes thru the woods. I've continued reducing my nicotine percentages slowly over the years since. At 52 years old and many mod/tank combos later, I'm down to 1.5 mg and currently vaping stainless steel mesh in TC mode. Walking an additional 2 to 3 miles a day, on top of my work schedule. Can run around with the grandkids and not feel winded. No coughing, yellow fingers or that horrid stench of burnt tobacco in everything I own.

Vaping has been the "light at the end of the tunnel" for me and my nicotine addiction. I'll get down to my goal of 0% soon enough, without ever looking back. Thanks to the vaping industry for everyone it has saved from Big Tobacco's relentless grip and for making me personally feel whole again.

Thank you, Ronald

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