After One Week of Vaping I Told Myself "You Don't Need Cigarettes"



After One Week of vaping I Could Tell Myself "You Don't Need Cigarettes"

you dont need cigarettes

When I was a teenager, I caved into the pressure of smoking, thinking I could impress a cute guy. I didn't get the guy, I got the addiction. I didn't think about what I was doing to my body and kept telling myself I could stop whenever I wanted. Before I knew it, years flew by and I was still smoking. Hiding the fact I smoke from my family, causing issues at work for taking smoke breaks, prioritizing everything I do and everywhere I go based on if and when I can have a smoke.

At the age of 21, I got the news my father passed away. He was only 42 years old. I made a promise that I would quit since he had such a hate for me smoking cigarettes and yet not even that could get me to quit. Age 26 I lost my grandmother to cancer. Same promise, same results. At this point I'm not only feeling guilty for the fact that I cannot keep my promise for my loved ones, but I'm also accepting that I will always and forever be a slave to my addiction. Age 27 I lost two more grandparents. My grandmother smoked majority of her life and when she ended up quitting it just made her more sick since she smoked for so long. My grandfather was a victim fallen to cancer as well and was also a smoker. As you can see, cancer seems to run in my family due to smoking.

Many friends of mine took on vaping to quit smoking. It was never something I was interested in doing cause what's a life without cigarettes? How will I function day to day without one in my hand? They made it look so easy and I couldn't understand because I needed cigarettes! It's what helped my stress and made me feel better when i was angry or anxious. At least that's what I thought it was doing.

I woke up one day and decided it was finally time to fulfill my promises that I had made to my family and myself.

I went to my local vape shop and spoke to the man behind the counter about what I needed to do, and about my doubts that this would work for me since I have been smoking for so many years. I left that store with my first vape device, some juice and a lot of encouraging advice.

After the first week of vaping I could tell myself "you don't need cigarettes". The relief and pride I have in myself for saying that, I have no words to describe. I could go on forever about how much better I feel, but for me, quitting was for more than that. Vaping is the reason I can tell this story. The reason I can say I kept my promise.

- Sadie

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