A Very Serious Vape Enthusiast Presented Me With An Unexpected Christmas Present

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A very Serious Vape Enthusiast Presented Me With An Unexpected Christmas Present.

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Dear family of the vape community,

For me vaping started as a not so serious hobby at my family Christmas of 2017 when my brother (a very serious vape enthusiast) presented me with an unexpected Christmas present. I’m sure the puzzled look on my face was hilarious to him but as I mentioned I wasn’t expecting a gift because we stopped doing that many years ago. No worries, I wasn’t out of practice and I really wanted to know what was in the damn box so I quickly opened it to reveal another box. Don’t worry, this wasn’t a taboo Christmas prank where I’d be opening a million boxes inside a million boxes to find nothing at all.

The box inside the box was a flat black box with blue foil writing that noticeably said Sigelei 213.

Not really knowing what a “Sigelei 213 was I navigated my way to the inside of that box and inside was a very classy gold and Black Carbon Fiber vape mod that would begin a seemingly endless cascade of fascination with vape mods and all the different atomizers that now line my closet shelf.

After the unboxing he had a couple more items for me with included an iJoy Exo S tank, some New York Cheesecake ejuice and a set of 18650 batteries. I was impressed by the small yet powerful package my brother had given me and still use the mod today. The Exo S on the other hand never would stop leaking so I finally gave up and experimented with countless atomizers until today where I now have my top 10 favorites. Lol.

Since then my brother has helped me explore the vaping community with eagerness that has actually changed my life more than even he can comprehend. At the time of my newfound love for the vape community I was 11 months sober from a 14 year addiction to alcohol that started after my return from combat in Iraq in 2003 that cost me my family, my home and several jobs.

Today I am 532 days sober thanks to this new hobby and love for the vape community. Vaping has helped me focus on a much healthier alternative and kept me occupied during periods of boredom that would in past times be filled with tipping a vodka bottle until I found the bottom.

I now have 12 mods that range from regulated to single and dual battery mechs. I even have one I built myself from a vape mod kit on another site.

I can’t begin to express my thanks to my brother and sites like 8Vape that have helped me grow in knowledge and obviously a decent collection of very awesome vape gear.

With regards,

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  • Posted on by Mike D

    Vaping gave me my since of smell and taste back extra reps in the gym extra miles on the treadmill since I quit smoking and started vaping my muscles recover faster I can lift heavier weight wind is crazy and I don’t smell like a camp fire

    Thank god

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