A Coworker Offered Me A Ride Home, As Well As A Cigarette.


A Coworker Offered Me A Ride Home, As Well As A Cigarette.

I first started smoking cigarettes at 16 when a coworker offered me a ride home, as well as a cigarette. She decided it was time for her to quit and gave me an entire pack of Marlboro Reds when she dropped me off and I stayed away from them for a bit but my family was beginning to stress me out since I had to help support them in a difficult time. One pack turned to two, and so on as my mental state worsened the more I started smoking. At one point it became apparent that it was turning into a full blown addiction and I’d do anything to get my fix. I’d ask just about anyone to buy me a pack since I was under age and most times I bribed people to go in to buy them for me. My personal care for my health dwindled and I became more sickly, having to miss work most days because I couldn’t stop wheezing and coughing for the life of me. I tried as much to tone down my smoking but I’d find myself sneaking outside to have a smoke at 3am just to get my fix and when my 18th birthday finally rolled around I’d had enough.

I walked into a local vape shop and got set up by some of the most caring and understanding people I’ve ever met. I haven’t looked back since. Not only has vaping helped me quit my addiction to cigarettes, it has improved my mental health state. Vaping isn’t just about the clouds you can blow, or what gear you have. It’s really all about the caring community that helps hundreds of people all over the world quit smoking every single day. All in all vaping has helped me get through quite a few tough times and introduced me into an ever growing and loving community that is always doing as much as it can to help others.


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