$180 A Month To $60 a Month by Switching From Cigarettes to Vaping


$180 A Month To $60 a Month by Switching From Cigarettes to Vaping

How has vaping changed my life? Well, I was a two pack a day cigarette smoker so your talking about at least five to six cartons a month, which would cost me around a hundred and fifty to a hundred and eighty dollars a month. Vaping only costs me around sixty dollars a month, so vaping has really saved me a lot of money.

Secondly, my lungs used to hurt me all of the time, and I would cough constantly, my wife said that I coughed all night long and would wake her up at night. Every time I would see my doctor, he would say that I was wheezing and I needed to quit smoking.

Now that I have been vaping for the last three, going on four years, my lungs feel so much better. I don't cough any more and now when I see my doctor he always says that my lungs sound good.

Oh and I haven't mentioned the smell on my clothes, and my hair and everything else, I can vape when we go on trips in rental cars, and when we rent hotel rooms I don't have to worry about getting a smoking room, since vaping doesn't stink things up like cigarettes, I don't stink any more, lol.

I can breath now and I feel so much better, I really enjoy vaping, and all the different flavors there are, So, I can say vaping has really changed my life for the better in a lot of ways.



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