Reviewing EightVape and FreeMax

Reviewing EightVape and FreeMax


I would like to review the FreeMax Mesh Pro Sub Ohm tank, as well as the excellent customer service I received from 8Vape.  The tank is by far the best I have vaped with since I started over a year ago.  I currently have about 7 different tanks, including a RDTA.  The FreeMax is the best in terms of both flavor and vapor production.

I usually carry two mods at a time, with different juices in each, and have been using a Wisemec Gnome in my main mod and a SMOK big baby beast in the other.  The FreeMax surpasses each by a large margin.  I ordered the 3 coil mesh with the tank, but so far have just been using the 2 coil that came with it, and it is great.  It has lasted going on over a week now with no indication of needing replacement. 

I cannot wait to try the 3 coil, as the reviews I read about it are excellent, and I believe them if the 2 coil is any example.  FreeMax is the only company, to my knowledge, that offers a multiple mesh coil.  The mesh coils, which I use in my other tanks, are much better than the normal coils. 

The FreeMax is the best I have used.  I am vaping at about 65 watts, which is at the low end of what is recommended, but I have never preferred the higher wattage. 


Concerning the second topic, the customer service provided by 8Vape.  My original tank came on a Thursday and I put it on that evening.  Unfortunately, my mod would not recognize that a tank was present.  Tried it on 3 other mods and got the same error message-no atomizer recognized or no coil present, on each. 

Attempted to call customer service, but the website said there was a problem getting through.  I thought that filling out a return request and waiting was going to be a time sink, but I was wrong. 

Emailed 8Vape on Friday about the problem and had my return shipping label via email by Saturday morning.  Set it back on Saturday and had a replacement tank delivered, which works great, by the next Thursday

Most of my wait time was due to the USPS, over which 8Vape has no control.  Have been happily vaping with the FreeMax since.  Kudos to 8Vape for their excellent and fast response, with no hassles concerning sending it back and then them having to check it out. 

What is incredibly frustrating is having a company, once you contact them about a defective product, treat you as if it is your fault or you are trying to get over on them.  Fast service and shipping, good product availability, and of course good price are the main reasons I pick a vendor.  But having these criteria is not the reason I keep with a vendor.  The reason I will continue to stay with a company is their customer service, especially in dealing with a return or defective product. These are the reasons I will remain a loyal 8Vape customer and encourage all vapors to do the same.

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