FreeMax Gemm Review, How it Changed My Opinion on Disposable Tanks

How the FreeMax Gemm Changed My Opinion on Disposable Tanks

When I first got the FreeMax Gemm for a review I was very tempted to throw it over to someone else for a write up. Ever since the first disposable tanks hit the market I’ve been less than enthusiastic about adopting the technology. I remember when vaping first started taking off and disposable tanks were the only kind of atomizer you could reasonably get. Those early tanks were god awful, often working for only a week or so before clogging up and tasting terrible. Not to mention you had to buy a whole new tank every time your coils went bad. So why on earth would anybody want to make them again?

FreeMax Gemm Starter Kit


Well they have! Disposable tanks are back in full swing and to my surprise they’re selling like hotcakes! So what is it about these products that draws people? The Gemm comes with 2 of FreeMax’s own disposable tanks, one of the first battery kits on the market to include the easy to use disposable tanks. I took an in-depth look at this new FreeMax Gemm Starter Kit to find out more. 

What is it?

The new FreeMax Gemm is a pen style starter kit with simple 3 preset fire mode operation. Offering a low priced entry point into the vaping world, the Gemm comes with a moderately sized pen style battery which holds a whopping 2900mAh of charge. With that much battery power the mod battery can fire all the way up to 80W and last throughout a full day of vaping with ease. 

The Gemm kit comes with two disposable tanks included, one with the G1 0.15Ω Mesh Coil and one with the G2 0.2Ω Mesh Coil. It boasts a much longer coil life than previous disposable tanks, claiming to be refillable up to 4x as much as prior versions.   

The body of the device is your standard pen style vape mod battery, complete with a single oversized fire button, mini USB recharge port, and holes in the bottom of the chassis for battery venting. 

It’s available in a variety of colors to match any vapers personal preference. Freemax even had the great idea to dye their tank plastics so each kit comes with a color matching disposable tank. 

How it Works

Like I said earlier, when I first got the FreeMax Gemm Kit for testing I wasn’t too thrilled at the idea of using a disposable tank. But two weeks later, even after I've finished all my testing, I’m still using it now and again for juice flavor testing. Say what you will about the lack of swappable coils, whatever coils Freemax pre-installed on these tanks are already perfect for the job in my opinion.

The Gemm tanks come available in G1 single mesh, G2 double mesh, G3 triple mesh, and G4 quadruple mesh for you power vapers out there. There’s even talk of a SS316L coil powered disposable tank for temperature controlled vaping. I’ve been pleasantly surprised by how well this tank does with vape juice flavor, compared to the pod devices I’ve been testing lately this thing packs a mouthwatering punch with every puff. 

The vapor production is great, the flavor is there, and with their fantastic coil options as well as 3 wattage options to choose from; every vaper should make sure there’s a Gemm in their life. 

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