FreeMax Starre Pure Review

FreeMax Starre Pure Review

It’s probably safe to say, FreeMax has become one of the biggest “groundbreaking” companies in the market today.

They were the very first company to introduce Ceramic Covered Coils or (CCC). It’s compatible with the FreeMax Starre Pure, and quickly became a flavor chaser’s dream!

The tank was revolutionary in it's design as well. The AFC, known as the airflow control, was designed to prevent any possible leakage by placing it at the top of the tank.

Available in the standard Stainless Steel or Black, FreeMax had yet to give us the colorful resins we’ve grown accustomed to and love.

The user was given two coil resistance options; 0.25 rated for 20-70W and the 0.50 rated for 20-50W. It has the rapid wicking and quick ramp up time synonymous with ceramic cores.

The Starre Pure was my first FreeMax, and I believe that this is the tank that helped pave the the rise of FreeMax today!

~Wendi Friedman 

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