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WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

Fall In Love With The FreeMax Fireluke

Karina White

Posted on November 13 2018


Fall In Love With The FreeMax Fireluke

By Tiffany Sheets

I currently have the black resin FreeMax Fireluke Tank. This little fire starter holds 3 ML to 4 ML of juice and comes in a variety of colors and selections. It has a sturdy 510 pin but what I am most highly impressed with is the coil longevity and production of vapor it can belt out. The coil is a 0.19 read on my puma device which is regulated with Samsung 25 r or hg 2 brownies Batts, never tried temperature control.

It has two air slots on the bottom that I like to keep wide open and take a three second pull at 54 watts. A juice with a 70/30 ratio will last me about two weeks to three weeks max depending on juice flavor or ratio. I have had numerous tanks and this is in my top 3 rotation for daily use.

I am not advanced but I am not a beginner vaper, just your average human vaping at a usual pace of about three to five tanks a week. The tank I own is made of resin and I love the drip tip being made of resin also. It does come with two coils one installed and one for later. There is another glass piece if yours happens to have the typical accident, it happens to everyone!

If your a cloud chucker or flavor chaser I highly recommend this FreeMax Fireluke mesh tank to you. There are some spare o rings that come inside with the tank. The price range is average and very affordable in my opinion, these days everyone has a vape budget. Freemax has really outdone themselves in mesh coil flavor. I find myself coming back to this tank more often when I am wanting solid flavor.

I have been bored with a flavor before and then put it in a Freemax Fireluke and it spices it up a notch and reminds me why I liked that flavor in the first place. If your looking to start sub ohming and flavor chasing for the first time I give it a 10/10! The tank comes in a great package and is very durable. It will last if the mail truck decides to be a little rough.

EightVape always seems to carry the best performing vape tanks and the customer service is out of this world and has fast shipping . I am from Texas and it gets here to me in 3 to 5 days and I am always able to track it each step of the way.

And if ever a problem arises someone is always answering customer service and is happy to help. You can't beat the customer service behind this company. Don't forget to try member service for $9.99! And subscribe to YouTube and emails. Always coupons coming out.  Hope this has helped answer your questions about the freemax firelike. Keep vaping!

Always use EightVape for all your vaping needs! Vape safe and keep the batteries wrapped. Try the FreeMax FireLuke mesh coil you won't regret it!


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