Vape Juice Like Never Before... Pizza Flavor



Vape Juice Like Never Before... Pizza Flavor

By Jared Sullivan

Introducing a new line of vape juice like never before, PIZZA flavors. Initially start the product line with more traditional flavors such as cheese, pepperoni, Canadian bacon (ham), Italian sausage, bacon, pork, mushroom, olive, Hawaiian, ect.

After initial product is out we could add in a specialty line such as supreme, meat, veggie, taco, bacon cheeseburger, BBQ  chicken, buffalo chicken, and more. There would be a potential line for side dish flavors like bread sticks, cheese sticks, or even something as simple as marinara sauce.

Another line to later develop would be a dessert line which could include flavors like chocolate chip cookie, brownie, dessert pizza, and many other possibilities.

Who knows there could eventually be an more odd flavors like anchovies, jalapeño, or sauerkraut flavors. The possibilities are endless.

This product line could also lead to other never thought of before vape juice flavors in the food industry. There would be a potential for a Mexican food line, Chinese food line, or a burger joint themed line.

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