Tingle Your Taste-buds with Two Unique New Juices



Tingle Your Taste-buds with Two Unique New Juices

By Amanda McCormick


Twisted Margarita
Everyone knows that it’s difficult to come up with a good, new, exciting flavor of e-juice. However, if I could take any flavor I like and turn it into an e-juice, I’d use the flavor profile of a twisted margarita. I don’t mean making one flavor punch you in the face more than the other. It would be a smooth blend of fresh, sweet strawberries with a hint of sour, blended with the sweet refreshing taste of mangos. I know there are flavors profiles like this, but they aren’t as smooth and refreshing. To top it off, I would add a small hint of menthol just to give it that feeling of when you actually drink one. Cold and sweet with a hint of sour to follow.


Perfect Marriage
Another flavor profile I would like to create that of sparkling champagne. For those who are familiar with its a sweet champagne. It also carries a nice aroma. I have a candle that smells of sparkling champagne and it’s almost mouth watering. Couple that with the sweet rich taste of vanilla frosting. It would be that sparkling sweet, refreshing taste of champagne, mix with the vanilla frosting from a wedding cake. It actually sounds quite good.

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