Sweet to Taste. Practical In Use. Cotton Candy Buttercream E-Juice


Sweet to Taste. Practical In Use.

Cotton Candy Buttercream E-Juice

By Michael Lazarus

For my custom juice I would love a strawberry cotton candy mixed with a buttercream. I feel the fruit and Candy of the strawberry cotton candy can bind with the buttercream would be a mouth-watering sensation.

Just think about it... The nice sweet strawberry cotton candy with a whip up of a smooth buttercream and in 80/20 hopefully not too sweet with the buttercream that it's going to Gunk your coils and cotton up...


  • Posted on by alicia hall

    I love the taste of cotton candy but this new one with buttercream sounds really good…when can I try it?

  • Posted on by Crystal

    Only smoke cottin candy now there all out of all if them:( so so sad. Please yall help us cotton candy fools

  • Posted on by Crystal D Nichols

    Want to order, there no cotton candy anymore wtf. Ugh my only one I smoke shoot… help

  • Posted on by Ashley Hogan

    Where can I get this??? I want to try it!

  • Posted on by Deanna Frusetta

    Definitely I’m willing to try!

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