Simply Cinematic Vape Juice Masterpieces



Simply Cinematic Vape Juice Masterpieces

By "Above Average"

There’s been a few lines that have incorporate characters from movies into juice names but never a full line based around our favorite movies.

Being a huge movie fan and running a movie review page on IG (iwatchedthatone) I thought I’d combine two things I love, movies and vaping.

The company would have to acquire the right to use film names but since this is all entirely hypothetical, we’ll assume that’s not an issue.

The opportunities are endless...

Pulp Fiction - the pulpiest orange juice and fresh cream making a Creamsicle that’s better than a $5 shake.

The Godfather - fresh baked Cannoli with chocolate chips. Leave the cigarettes, take the cannoli.

Star Wars - a blend of the best four fruits, apple, watermelon, peach  and pear . May the four be with you.

Back to the Future - a throwback simple tobacco flavor. Almost as good as having a hover board.

Back to the Future Pt 2 - the same as the OG but with a menthol twist. 88 Watts May be too high.

The Simpsons - fresh baked donut dipped in sweet, sugary strawberry icing. D’oh...nuts.

Tommy Boy - fresh squeezed cherry limeade. Squeezed tighter than a fat guy in a little coat.

You can see there’s really endless opportunities to expand the line. You could also do further lines where they’re based solely on genre. A seasonal flavor for Halloween with horror movies or Valentines Day with Romantic Comedies.

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