New Vape Juice Line So Good It's Haunting

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New Vape Juice Line So Good It's Haunting

By Donnie The Vaping Ghoster

Hello, my name is Donnie. First off I am a paranormal investigator and demonologist. I've wanted to start a line of e juice geared towards the paranormal for years! I am also a chef and love working in the kitchen with flavors. I've thought up tons of recipes and names. I started doing e juice reviews a few years back under the name The Vaping Ghoster. The name of course on account of my interest in the paranormal. I have since stopped to focus on a paranormal podcast and a documentary that I am trying to put together. But, I would still like to make my own line one day. I love sweet vapes so here are the top 5 juice recipes that I would LOVE to market.

Bigfoot's stash - a hazelnut tobacco with blueberry undertones.

Nessie's stash -  black currant and figs glazed in bourbon and stuffed in a flaky pastry.

Exorcist's Stash - a mouth full of white chocolate chased with a pear white wine.

Poltergeists stash - a pumpkin spice butterbrew with honey glazed walnuts

Demon's stash - a sweet cherry vanilla custard with a rum drizzle.

It would be fantastic to win this contest! Thank you EightVape for this awesome opportunity.

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  • Posted on by krista errickson

    Yum! Why so few use alcohol flavors is beyond me. Happy to test for you!

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