Mother's Milk Vape Juice Is Better Than It Sounds



Mother's Milk Vape Juice Is Better Than It Sounds

By Alan Caudle

Mommy didn't love you enough to breastfeed? That's too bad.

But we do!

Which is why we created Mother's Milk. Imagine a vape as sweet and as soothing as mother's first taste breast-milk is to her newborn. Let the stresses of the day melt away as you are gently cradled by the soft embrace of Mother's Milk.

Made to taste just like the real thing! The most delicious milk you will ever have, with a velvet smooth tickle on the tip of your tongue. Engorged with notes of milk and sugar, honey and a dash of lavender. Doesn't sound like mommy dearest?

Our other flavor options include hot salted chocolate, strawberry honeydew melons, and caramel infused churros. Our milk is always fresh. It's simply the “breast” milk you will ever taste. Pumped with love, from us, and sent straight to you packaged in a breast shaped bottle with an areola cap and a nipple dripper.

Now come here, let mama give you a hug.

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