Me And My Peeps Candy Vape Juice



Me And My Peeps Candy Vape Juice 
By Colby Watson


I certainly believe that I have what it takes to create potentially the next big juice flavor to hit the e-juice market. I have been thinking of this flavor profile for quite some time and have not seen any companies attempt this creation. To me it sounds delicious and downright kick ass. I feel that it is a very possible flavor that could be mastered and perfected.

E-Juice Name: Me & My Peeps

Description: Thanks to Me & My Peeps vape juice, you don’t have to wait until next Easter to enjoy your favorite sweet marshmallow, sugar coated treat. Me & My Peeps delivers that perfect sugary mouthwatering marshmallow taste in e-liquid form.

With each and every puff your taste buds will indulge in a mouth full of
sugary goodness that only Peter Cottontail hopping down the bunny trail could deliver. The layers of delicate flavors satisfy the sweet tooth as well as the soul.

On inhale, Me & My Peeps vape juice will delight the taste buds instantly with the creamy, gooey texture filled with vanilla goodness. Then on exhale, Me & My Peeps vape juice will blend into a sweet sugary crunch that we all know and remember vividly.

Want to feel like its Easter morning each and every time you vape? Me & My Peeps e-juice lets you experience the delicious savory taste of that Easter marshmallow all day long.  

With this vape juice, you could market them in 3 different flavor profiles.
Yellow, Pink, Baby Blue. The 3 classic color ways that Peeps are made. With each of these flavors you could add a slight flavor difference and add hints of some sort of candy type flavoring to correspond the colorways.

Another idea for marketing this product, is that the e-juice box for the bottle
could be packaged in classic Peep style packaging. With a mini crate style box
and then wrapped in clear see through plastic.  


  • Posted on by Jenni Marshall

    I would absolutely buy this in a heart beat and I know it would be my favorite. I love anything marshmallow and I am always trying to find marshmallow vape juice that doesn’t involve chocolate or Graham. Not sure if this is what this message box is for but I assume it’s for this.

  • Posted on by Tara

    I would love a strong and sweet marshmallow flavored juice that doesn’t have cereal flavor. I loved fluff pop…

  • Posted on by Jake Ellington

    This is a flavor sounds awesome! I would definetly give it a try if I seen it on the market for sure.

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