Lemon Vape For It... Dary



Lemon Vape For It... Dary

By Kasey Kinder

My flavor creation for the juice challenge is called, “Lemon Vape For It…. Dary”. (A Reference to How I Met Your Mother)

The flavors in the challenge mix would be a soft yet strong pink lemonade that dances around on your tongue. Mixed with a touch of extra sugar to lower the sourness of the lemonade.

Bursting in with a splash of a sour lime at the ending, making it a tasty cool sweet vape. Something you would never expect the finishing taste to be. Just like the ending of How I Met Your Mother.

You would have a hate love relationship with it. Wanting to smoke it over and over again because it gets better every time. Wanting to put it down, but not being able to. It’s a perfect sweet yet sour taste to fit any body’s taste profile. A great beginning and end to anybody’s day. Just wait for it, because it will be legendary.

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