Grab The Popcorn For This Cinema Themed Vape Juice Line


Grab The Popcorn For This Cinema Themed Vape Juice Line

By Chris W

Ever wonder what your favorite movie star is tasting on the big screen? Well wait no longer cinema vapes is here! Here at cinema we've taking you favorite on screen treats and made the available to vape. With these new and exciting profiles you'll get to enjoy all of the same star studded treats as your favorite movie stars. We've compiled some amazing taste that will leave your mind blown. Forget the boring popcorn and pick up a fresh 60ml on your way to the theater.


Milk was a bad choice - This rich creamy sun soaked whole milk vape will leave you in a glass case of emotion.

Bangarang - Tart yet sweet bright berry pie. This is something straight from your imagination as a child. This whipped candy dessert vape with always leave you with a happy thought!

Snozberries - What a window licking good vape! This sweet candied flavor will leave you wanting more with out a doubt. A unique flavor that can only be described as the snozberries taste like snozberries.

Snicklefritz -  Chris Geberts #1 vape! A sweet ripe pineapple with hints of organic earthy tones leaving a flavor that will linger long after the cloud is gone.

Catalina - For the more refined sophisticated vaper. Catalina will take you back to your first helicopter purchase. Taste of a soft sweet yet bold sangria wine that is sure to be a hit at your next mixer.

Flux - Ever want to take your taste buds from 0 to 88 with just one puff? Flux is just the vape for you. This red hot cinnamon will leave you blazing tracks no matter where you may be.

Available in 60ml and the easy to sneak in 15ml unicorn bottle.

VG/PG 80/20 for the dopest clouds you'll ever blow.


Nic levels include 0MG 3MG 6MG and our salt nic line 45Mg (large Farva)

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