An Exhausting New Vape Juice: Baby Daddy Drama


An Exhausting New Vape Juice: Baby Daddy Drama

By Katie Seaquist

So here's my pitch... 

Baby Daddy Drama

Have you ever had such a headache from the stress of having to deal with your baby's daddy who is never on time to pick up the child the two of you share custody of,  (or drop off for that matter!); Who insists on telling you how mature & beautiful his new girlfriend is despite their almost 15 year age difference, (and her still being in high school!) and wearing so much makeup you almost mistook her for an Umpa Loompa!

Just like that feeling you get after fighting with your baby daddy over letting your child stay up way past their bedtime on a school night just so they can finish watching the R rated movie they should have never been allowed to see in the first place, this new flavor will leave you feeling similarly exasperated & un-invigorated.

The uncomfortable dread you feel whenever your baby daddy starts in on his "my mother was such a saint... If only you were more like her..." tangent is not unlike the feeling you'll get after blowing out a big cloud of this wonderful new flavor profile. 


  • Posted on by Kati Grace

    In response to *Cleo…I imagine it’s flavor profile is “crusty” lol
    And in response to *John…Because it’s cute lol

  • Posted on by Cleo

    sounds very specific… what’s the flavor profile?

  • Posted on by John

    Just a rant about baby daddy drama. No real input on creating an Ejuice anything mixology related. Why post this?

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