A Complex E-Juice to Fuel Your Nostalgia

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A Complex E-Juice to Fuel Your Nostalgia

By Wendy Hamilton

My flavor would invoke all of the memories from the biggest family celebration I remember from growing up. As my Aunt, Grandparents and sadly parents (who left this realm all too young) passed on, I have been left with memories of the scents and flavors as we prepared and shared a celebration each Christmas Eve.

The day would start with cookie baking party, 5 women all covered in flour and butter, making a mess and laughing with steaming mugs of cocoa stirred . Fresh cookies sampled while still warm, butter and nutmeg mingling with chocolate and sugar.

Next we would move onto dinner making, Italian families and their big meal prep involving everyone but lead by Nana. My favorite was always the fresh ricotta used in ravioli making, something so rich about that gentle creamy tang. The other item I loved was simple sliced oranges with olive oil and black pepper. Funny how the tomato sauce and fish from the evening take a background to oranges and ricotta. A glass of wine and dinner was complete.

My flavor would be a complex mixture of ricotta cheese, nutmeg, orange, chocolate and a touch of red wine....perhaps with a black pepper note somehow in the background.

Not sure how pepper would work but even without it the mix I think my memories would make a great juice!

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  • Posted on by Bridget

    Sounds interesting! I love it!

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