Spreading Love On Christmas


Spreading Love On Christmas

By James N.


Hi Eightvape and all you who love Eightvape,

Giving back to kids. These are toys I collect ever year from kids at City Of Hope.  Now I collect enough toys from family and friends to give to City of Hope, Children's Hospital Los Angeles, and Children's hospital Orange County.

At the age of 22 I had a small fight with cancer and came out on the other end minus one leg.  Well finding work hasn't quite happened yet, but I'm still looking. I was a 22 year old put in the pediatric ward because my cancer was deemed a childhood cancer.  

Anyways 6 years back I finally got fed up not be able to give back to the hospital and friends I made. So I began by asking if anyone would like to help me give the kids fighting cancer a blankets for Christmas.  

Well this year this little toy drive now covers 3 hospitals. It's not an official charity, just something I started doing, and every year more and more people give.

With that said this is my Christmas Spirit Photo. 

toy drive


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