AsMODus MiniKin V2 Review


AsMODus MiniKin V2 Review

By Rusty Russell

I've owned many mods since I started vaping, and found lots of pros and cons for each device. But the MiniKin V2 is all pros! Very reliable, simple, and affordable if you buy it from 8vape! I've helped a lot of people get off the stinkys over the years and this is always the device I suggest to everyone.

It has a lot to offer, yet simple enough in power mode. I've always had troubles with trap battery doors in the past, and the magnet doors on this device are perfect! Not to mention its shape fits perfectly in the hand, and does not wobble much at all when you set it down.

Comes in a lot of different colors and for the price tag from 8vape this is a great buy!!!


Get One For Yourself HERE

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