EightVape Monthly Contest - How Has Vaping Changed Your Life?

How has Vaping Changed Your Life?

The most important part of any community is of course, the community itself and here at EightVape we want to give a platform for all of you that have wanted to share your stories. Every month we will be accepting submissions to feature on our official page and across our various social media outlets.

This month we want to know how vaping has changed your life. It can be funny, heartfelt, dramatic, anything you want as long it is from you. Your stories matter to us and we want to highlight some of the standouts in our community and in return we will be rewarding them with our biggest giveaway yet.

  • 1st place prize - 188.88 store credit
  • 2nd place prize - 88.88 store credit
  • 3rd place prize - 48.88 store credit

We will be continuing this open submission with a new topic every month and to make it super simple for all you out there, we’re going to be starting and ending every month on the 8th! So starting today, July 8th, you will have an entire month to submit your essays and video blogs and the winners will be announced during the first week after the submission period ends.


  1. No plagarism, your stories are important to us but we do want them to be your’s.
  2. At least 250 words, can be as lengthy as you want as long as it hits that number.
  3. Email your writing to nicole@eightcig.com for video files use WeTransfer.com.
  4. Provide your name, email, phone number, and your social media usernames in the email so we can contact you if you win.
  5. Deadline to submit is August 8th!!!

*EightVape will own the sole rights to your content, giving us the ability to post the videos and images on EightVape social media platforms and on our website, www.EightVape.com.

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